Our philosophy at the
Wildshut Stiegl estate

Our Wildshut Stiegl estate is Austria’s first beer farm. Here we live the cycle “from the field to the glass” and take all the steps of brewing beer into our own hands. It is a genuine think tank based around beer.

Our philosophy is that brewing beer begins with the soil. We pay close attention to it and live our vision of an ecological circular economy. We see our farm as a great centre for body, mind and soul.

Nature shows us
the way.

Cultivating long forgotten primeval grains is near and dear to the Wildshut Stiegl estate. By ensuring biodiversity coupled with traditional knowledge of beer brewing, we are able to produce unique beer specialities. In addition, our organic farm is home to significant old and endangered animal breeds such as Mangalitza pigs, Pinzgau cattle and Dark Bees.

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You can also call us for reservations on +43 6277 64141