Food & beverages at the
Wildshut Stiegl estate

Food & beverages

Because our shop is “small & fine” and because the “Krämer” from the olden times used to be a shopkeeper offering a diversity of goods, we have created a place called “Krämerladen”, where you can try and taste everything that we produce on our farm. It is part of the country’s first solid wooden brewery and sells all sorts of delicacies from the farm and the region. If you like, you can take all the Wildshut specialities back home!

Savour the simple
and the real

The “Kråmerladen” bistro and shop offers mainly homemade delicacies: tasty, home-baked bread made from organic spent grains, dry-aged meat from our Pinzgau cattle and delicacies made from Mangalitza pork, various cheese delicacies made from fresh organic milk and, of course, the Wildshut beers.

Extract from our menu

We put on the plate whatever is currently in season. Therefore, the menu depends on what is growing on our beer farm at that time and what we can find in the regional organic markets

Belly bacon from Mangalitza pork & mountain cheese

Cheese made from our farm’s organic milk and farmer’s butter with freshly cut raw ham from the Innviertel region & horseradish


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You can also call us for reservations on +43 6277 64141

Since our “Kråmerladen” is “small & fine”, please note that a reservation is absolutely necessary when you plan to visit us.