Events at the
Wildshut Stiegl estate


Whether it is a Wildshut Timeout, a delicious brunch served every last Sunday of the month, our concert picnic with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Salzburg, or our brewery workshop – the Wildshut Stiegl estate offers a variety of opportunities for unique experiences & moments of enjoyment. Below is a brief overview of our events in the coming weeks.


Field talks

Guided tours

We are happy to show you what we mean by a circular economy! During an entertaining guided tour through our Wildshut Farm we will show you all the steps of brewing beer: from growing the grains to malting and roasting and, of course, the brewing of our Wildshut beer specialities. Of course, there is also a tasting of our Wildshut beers included.

Duration: about 1.5 hours/price: €16.50 (minimum 5 persons & maximum 18 persons).
Please note that guided tours must be booked 10 days in advance.

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